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SCENE: (Moments after the end of Scene One.) EDDIE is sitting on the bed, working with his briefcase and the remote. (Essentially EDDIE has to wire the remote via one or more small cables to his briefcase computer.) ANNA, with too much contained energy gives Eddie a hug and then a shake. She returns to sitting on the bed watching and commenting on the operation.

EDDIE. Jesus.

ANNA. I can't help it, you're the source of my frustration. (Pause.) You can't use that without some kind of synchronizer. Do you have one? (She briefly digs through the briefcase. She picks up a small component piece.) You have to use the 51
hundred if you're down tracking ID status to the remote. (Pause.) I'm fairly certain that's what you do. Eddie... the 51 hundred?

EDDIE. Six times now. I'm pretty sure I know how to do this. I know how to hack surveillance.

ANNA. I'm sure you can handle it, just watching the master.

EDDIE. Go take a shower. Go powder your face doll.

ANNA. You don't think I should supervise?

EDDIE. (Attempts to hand her the briefcase with remote, she doesn't take it.) You can do this, here you do this... ok? You
configure it. Is this still about trust?

ANNA. Go on, you do it. I'll just screw it up.

ANNA blows on the side of EDDIE's face. He stops, then returns to his job. She does it again this time with
a giggle. Again he stops, looks at her perplexed by her motivation.

EDDIE. Besides all the other shit, is there something else going on here?

ANNA. Is there?

EDDIE. Is there? Is there? Anna. Is there? You want to suggest something further here Anna. (Stands.) You want to insert just
a tweak bit more confusion to this frothing fucking brew? Huh? Is there?

ANNA. Oh sit down. I was just... heh, it's your story I flatter.

EDDIE. I know that Cleopatra. I'm here for you. How about I finish this before we do run out of time. (Pause.) I doubt their agent has this kind of distraction.

ANNA. I have all the faith in the world in you Eddie.

EDDIE. Thank you.

ANNA. You're so hot-headed, you never used to be like this. You've become such a Shi'ite.

EDDIE. That's offensive.

ANNA. It's humor. Jesus.

EDDIE. Yeah, most people don't come right out and slur Islam, at least not in public, not any more.

ANNA. Will you get over that, you know the Corp position with the muslim markets. (Pause.) I was there that day Eddie, I know you better than you think. You left the room, you were a wave of nerves when you passed me... it did not bode
well with unit director. What was that about? What did you do in the hall?

EDDIE. Anna please.

ANNA. Then never mind.

EDDIE. Thank you.


ANNA. (She crosses and speaks to the center of the room.) Service! Why is this room dead? That's ridiculous. Eddie, how did the system go down? (Crosses to the phone.) The number for the take-out place near the corner... no I don't want to come to the office... right. (Pause.) 446-78-93902. (Pause.) Right... Standard 4-3-0-1-1-0 J-Group... yes dial it!

EDDIE. Now what?

ANNA. I'm hungry. Frontier Motel... 27. (Pause.) Can I have one order of the eggplant dolmeh­ dolmeh­ yes, and one order­ and one order of abgusht. What do they call that curd with coriander dish that you like?

EDDIE. I don't know, curd with coriander.

ANNA. One order of the curd with coriander, yes, that's fine... no, just two coffees... do you want coffee?

EDDIE. I don't plan on being here that long.

ANNA. Just the one coffee. Uh huh. (She hangs up the phone. Pause.) All is well... there will be compensation. For everything you gain, you lose something... for everything you miss, you gain something else. Right Eddie?

EDDIE. That's Emerson.

ANNA. Is it?