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EDDIE. (Continues to be involved with his work.) Can you parrot Emerson and still be a legitimate racist? (Pause.) Market Lieutenants, they're racists. It's bullshit. That's why I left. I saw you, eyes straight ahead, didn't even flinch when I passed you.

ANNA. I can't believe you wouldn't find that fascinating. We've seen the central-surveillance finesse some exceptionally tricky markets but nothing like that, alpha-widow team totally out maneuvers the muslim bloc... the last of the orbiting competition.

EDDIE. I was chocking-- I couldn't breath, I had to get out of that room. So I did. So then... I just stood there. Waited. (Pause.) Maybe it's not their racism, Anna. I grew up with that, to a certain extent I respect it. Look, I had to deal with what was happening to me! It was going to be out of my control.

ANNA. Did you start to smell it Eddie?

EDDIE. It has nothing to do with that-- Why should I pity those stinking refugee stations trying to weasel their way back into the central network array.

ANNA. Did you?

ANNA crosses and flops onto the bed.

EDDIE. I don't give a shit. When entertainment decides they need to expand their markets... they're going to do it, and there's fewer and fewer obstacles, after Disney auctioned off Israel.

ANNA. Is that why you left the room? Was it on your hands first?

EDDIE. (Growing uneasy.) Williams, a couple rows in front of me, looked back at me 3 times.

ANNA. There's no reason you had to.

EDDIE. I wasn't going to be in there... he was going to call me out.


ANNA. Now I see your motivation.

EDDIE. Is that right? What's that.

ANNA. (Softening.) It's the muslim side of your brain Eddie.

EDDIE. You see that in me, my muslim side?

ANNA. That's what this is all about. This pronounced lack of rational behavior.

EDDIE. You have no conscience.

ANNA. This is your quest to Mt. Hira, Eddie, you're the born again son of Muhammad. He roamed the vast desert worlds. You, you drive out to the perimeter in your Korean hatch-back, prepared to murder the infidels.

EDDIE. Is that it? (Crosses. In her face.) Better be careful I could turn on you.

EDDIE crosses to the bathroom, we hear water running.

(From the bathroom, over the sound of the water.) Interesting that you of all people parrot Emerson, he's been on my mind a lot since I, I made my decision.

ANNA. Eddie I'm familiar with your obsession with Emerson, remember.

EDDIE. (While washing his face) I remember you couldn't understand why. (Pause.) There is a morality Anna a deep human morality. It's as much a part of evolution as the thumb on your hand. How you play it out with people has very little to do with it. It's there. Your choice look at it or not, your choice, but either way, it's there. That's why he saw it as a necessity. And that's why consciousness, he worshiped consciousness.

ANNA. I remember.

EDDIE returns to the room from the bathroom drying his face with a towel.

EDDIE. You remember.

ANNA. I remember you could get so morally superior.

EDDIE. Yeah, that's the default attitude. That's nothing new. I gotta hope there are a few people walking around who get that shit thrown at them.

ANNA. Anybody that who gets that much shit thrown at them must deserve it.

EDDIE. Oh, I think they deserve it. It indicates they're doing something right. (Pause.) No doubt Emerson got shit. You don't spend your life trying to understand your own, unique position in the... universe, and not get that shit. What about motherhood Anna? Aren't you driven to procreate? I mean with the idea of keeping and mothering.