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ANNA. Of course I think about that. Every woman does. That's how were different than men, dummy. We don't have the patience for this morality quest. Women bring life into the world, we create the world that presents you with the opportunity to evolve.

EDDIE. You'd make a lousy mother.

ANNA. You see, muslim. One hand compassion, the other hand, that kind of intolerance to women. That's violence Eddie. You want to follow Islam? That's what you'll wind up with, that kind of male... fascism.

EDDIE. Because I am fickle, Allah is patient.

ANNA. You're a hypocrite.

EDDIE. I stumble along the way, Allah pardons.

ANNA. A major head injury.

EDDIE. I cannot stray too far, Allah is beneficent. How will I decide my problem?

ANNA. By running...

EDDIE. According to the Quran. If it is not in it?

ANNA. ...a perimeter motel.

EDDIE. According to the sunna. If it is not in it either?

ANNA. By giving up this nonsense and going back to the Corp.

EDDIE. Then I use my own reasoning! A reasoning I feel is my own, it comes from this spot right here, this perspective right here. The ideal from the Quran, something you know very little about-- it'd be impossible to get you to see this, it's
completely set out, perfectly laid out, it's as clear as a stone path thru a thick forest, the blackest-- and that path is my own path not no one else's. What I have to do is keep my eye on it and keep moving forward. Muhammad knew that and so did Ralph Waldo Emerson.

ANNA. You're lost Eddie.

There is a knock at the door. Both partial cross to the door. ANNA stays behind EDDIE. EDDIE gestures that ANNA reply.

ANNA. Who is it? It's the food for christ sake.

EDDIE. Fine, let them in, I don't give a shit.


ANNA. Are you delivering food?


ANNA. I'm not dressed. I'm putting my card through the door.

ANNA slips her ID card through a slot in the door. It comes back to her and the delivery boy leaves. She opens the door just enough to retrieve the food. EDDIE returns to the bed and the electronic work, he is
minimally interested in the food. ANNA eats from the take-out box as she sits on the edge of the bed.

ANNA. Do you want some of this? (Pause.) I thought you wanted this.

EDDIE. I'll take some coffee.

ANNA. You didn't get any. (She hands him her paper cup. Checks her watch.) Maybe you better have this if we're going to drive.

EDDIE. You're smart to be worried about the time Anna. Off hand I'd say you have about another hour to decide how far you're willing to commit to their agenda, and after that you'll be on the run like me.

ANNA. Eddie, the deal will go down as scheduled, and whether you're there or not you were as much a part of generating the embargo program as the rest of the CorpTeam.

EDDIE. I don't except that. I in no way except that. When those operators complete that maneuver say adios to the last of the
independent satellite networks Anna. Do a little domination projection, and then cross it with a little history, you want to be part of that. I am in no way a part of that...

ANNA. That's right Eddie. I'm one of the carcass merchants from the evil West.

EDDIE. That's a western term that's not a muslim term.

ANNA. You've got to be kidding.

EDDIE. They own the sun and they own the moon. There ain't no alternative.

ANNA. That's right, no alternative. What there was was the inability of the Holy Terror Economists to offer any credible
alternative to a global programming network, in spite of their various farcical experiments with interest-free banking.