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The next day, Sunday, Houdini's charged vision of mother-son love was replayed as grim parody when he joined the Doyles (1) in their suite for an intimate séance. He and Doyle wrote several accounts of the episode over the next year, each more accusatory than before. In Houdini's earliest version, apparently written the same Sunday, he and Bess had been sitting on the beach taking sun. Sir Arthur walked over. He told them that Lady Doyle had proposed an automatic writing séance, "to see whether it was possible for her to give some indication from the spirit world." Doyle apologized for Bess for not inviting her also. But two people of the same mind, he explained, "either positive or negative" might hinder his wife's contact with her spirit controls. A snapshot taken of the two men as they returned to the Ambassador shows them wearing straw hats under the bright ocean sun, burley Doyle in a neat dark suit, Houdini a crumpled white one.