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"Mama, are you her? In whatever dream recess of being, he remained a prince who had kissed a queen's hand, he also retained there a hope against all hope. So at the striking of the table three times he forced himself to be receptive, "waiting for a sign or vibrations, feeling for the presence of my dearly beloved Mother."

Lady Doyle's hand flew over the paper sheets as she tried to keep up with the rapidly incoming message from Cecilia Weiss. Opposite his wife Sir Arthur tore sheet after sheet from the pad as it filled with her tall-lettered, disconnected scribble, tossing each one across to Houdini. The first sheet began: "Oh, my darling, thank God, thank God, at last I'm through--I've tried to, oh so often--now I am happy. Why, of course, I want to talk to my boy--my beloved boy . . ."