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I first saw Mike Diana he didn' t see me. I was living in San Francisco and happened to be watching a teleplay " ON A SHORE BENEATH A SKY " by underground filmmaker Mike Kuchar, starring my friend actress and singer Lenore Feyleaves and Mike Diana. Lenore said Mike was cute, she had stated the obvious but cute was more than skin deep. I'd since add trippy, weird, cool spacey, also floaty and kitty.

Mike Diana for those who haven't heard yet is a cartoon artist - arrested in Florida and put on probation, banned from committing his art onto paper, sentenced to not create his visions.

BOILED ANGEL. " I cant imagine anything worse than a nice angel being boiled " he has said.... BOILED ANGEL is Mike's zine started in 1989.... theWORST of BOILED ANGEL - his collection in one volume of zines 1-8 publish through MH publishing is thick as a telephone directory....front cover a bloody massacre of the FLINTSTONES, Fred had never looked so fucked up, Bam - Bam sliced limbs everywhere....

later we have dinner - Polish - my cheese blintzes looked like sugary flesh tubes dressed in cocaine, Mike's meat perogies little batter sacks of cat sick and spleens, my perception became entwined with his, a marriage made by our filleted dreaming minds and cartooned into grostequerie.... after dinner we walk by the east river, Mike wanted to show me a building that had fallen into....whoops fallen over into the river....on a wire gate we saw a dangling fleshy thing like a rotting ox's tongue

"what's that, Mike?" I ask.

"o, someone's soul" he replied.


In b/w lines nasty men fuck babies assholes to mush, dogs join in vomiting, heads explode from too much infomation, cocks as cunty monsters from a realm I'd rather not re - visit my adolescence.

In JUMPROPE - a screaming walking child thing in a park,the path scattered with tacks and razor blades - becareful where you walk - howling kid, tits sag shooting juice, cocks as icons oh happiness....now tripping out on his pages....I'm gone going gone....

Gone is where I wanted to go, to meet this kid, later he seems kid like hand over his mouth tittering away like a naughty boy who has just pulled the wings off of several flies....