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I drop the flap on my wool pants, my arsecunt crawling spilling out maggots like I'm dead already but not I'm just frozen by my lust which is hot and cold and damp... he buries his cock in me that is so heavy that I'm tempted to compare it to an anchor except that its like a fishing hook at the tip. His massive balls banging against my buttocks....

I'm his foreign meat hole a European pigfuck shit cuntpisscunt a dirtylittledead asshole mucuscunt....
Scorpio venom spurting out of his nipples sunlight is extinguished and a cold blue moon covers our fucking..his cock a mold for the biggest of my turds...I shit out huge replicas of his glans everyday for three weeks after I leave Rio....once I took one of my stools and lovingly sculpted it into a striking likeness of luciano ....I kissed it and threw it into the dead sea.....

I write a note to my lover St. Stephen of the Hawthornes and put it into an empty Coca Cola bottle and throw it into the River Styx.

" I write this using my blood which is homage to your sperm that loving juice that over the seven years seven stars was my élan vital ...and now that we're no longer together I only feel despair or hysteria and am apt to go around in circles waking up each morning continues to be an appalling
experience ....this life of separation ...because everytime I get fucked and I don't get fucked enough I dream its you....there seems no place in the outside world where I can find my desires....I feel like a ghost in this life ...you like being on your own I know but to me its a death a continual mourning....o. my love, o with all my fingers crossed, I miss you I've missed the boat again....I scream in the dark WHERE ARE YOU? and you reply with dead fingers talking HAVE RAGE HAVE COURAGE WE ARE
RISING......I look forward to seeing you again in the city of Berlin ....2002.

My heart xxxxxxxxxxxx "