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Editor's Note

Autumn, Gifford, thankfully they kicked him off Monday Night Football. Should have done it way back when Howard ruled the ABC house. Well, why be obsessed: it's been a great sports summer; Mc.Guire and Sosa, and let's not forget Sampras - records potentially being broken everywhere. And we are in New York so there are the Yanks, and they will rock history with the best record. Check your head; we forgot about the Beasty Boys. However the fall weather makes you feel these cats take nusty out of '98's summer by their shere presence alone.

And on the back side of zing Enda Ferber is talking about the weather from the Ritz Carlton Hotel - Boston. Endure the real thing. Everybody sweats. That's right, a member of the Algonquin Round Table sweats - McGuire, Sosa, Sampras, the Yanks, and even the Beasty Boys get intergalactica. So how to get comfortable. Well, isn't that always someone else's perception of what is comfortable.

POSH. I've recently learned from a reputable source the derivation of this word: Port Outward Starboard Home. That's on a shop. Well, while James Cameron finally does not have a commercialized license on it, basically the idea is, that you see land on both voyages - to and from lndia.- from England (By the way, for non sailors: Port is on the left side of the boat and both port and left have four letters).

Life comes a-hurring,

Or life lags slow;

But you've stopped worrying -

Let it go!

Some call it jake;

They're very little to me-

Let them eat cake!

Some find it fair,

Some think it hooey,

Many people care;

But we don't do we?

-Dororthy Parker


I can't help it, the woman who represents New York's other tower at the Algonquin table gets the last word.

Devon Dikeou

New York, New York