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aunt voilet is on a train transporting wild undersea animals, marilla palmer

It is best to have your anger and channel it to a productive end. Dead pigs lying on the side of the road: Swann thought as she walked by plastic garbage bags on the pavement.

Rain was falling lightly as Swann sung: Down-Down-Who's More Down.

Lightning struck that was so high up that all she could see was a reflection of the flashing in the back of her eyeballs, like veins in marble, where some edges bleed, while other edges were fine and pointed. Only moments later, there was a sound of thunder.

Swann arrived at her apartment building. When she got upstairs she saw a guy bent over peering into her door keyhole. He heard her on the stairs, turned around and tried to grab Swanns breast. Swann blocked his hand and punched him in the nose. His nose broke off and plunged into his brain. He screamed and fell backwards to the floor, his legs dangled and twisted as he died. Swann's brow wrinkled as she reached her tongue tip behind her teeth, to a molar-like bone, which she sensed underneath thick, elastic skin. Swann finally understood this bone was not another tooth but as part of her skull. She went into her apartment, freaked out and tried to figure what she should do next. When she went out to the hall a few minutes later, the man's body was gone.

Not reaching her on the phone for days, Aunt Violet dropped by Swann's apartment. On the kitchen floor she found a notebook opened to a handwritten haiku: How can you fly threw the air at night when there is no moonlight in sight!

Swann had disappeared.

Kid Holds Gun to Own Head To Escape Paying Taxes are the headlines of the NY Times.

Violet decides to find Swann, as do a few of Swann's friends around the country. They all have reoccurring dreams that imply Swann's been kidnapped by aliens from other worlds and give clues of Swann's location. Della gets wrong clues in her dreams and drives to Nova Scotia saying at least I am by the water. Rose, palmreader/performance artist from Hanibal sees clues but is suffering from a bout of agoraphobia and can't go anywhere except to the big house above hers, the Bordello to read palms and church. Bodhisatva and Judy from New Mexico as well as Jill, Maralee, Penelope and Cypress from the women's chocolate farm in Pokipsie, seem to understand clues and go on looking for her.

The full moon was glittering skinny close to the shore where a long line of light followed the train and was gradually thickening across the ocean to form an unvisited room of light directly under the moon , a room of light seen a distance away.

Aunt violet is on a train that is transporting wild under the ocean animals like giant eels etc. for an advertising stunt. Inside of the passenger cars were people sitting in the aisles on their suitcases due to overcrowding.

Violet was remembering the last time she saw Jim. It was safe sex before the term safe sex was even invented. Jim was just back from the beach.

Violet sitting in a chair said: Let me see your tan line.

Jim had already taken off his shirt. He stood up and pulled the edge of his jeans over to reveal pale blue veined skin with little white hairs contrasting his browned skin.

Violet: Oh let me see more. (dimples about his butt crack showed) No, even more.

He kept revealing more white skin until his whole curvy ass was exposed. Violet put her feet against his white butt, moving her toes as if she had her feet on a soft rug. His face was flushed as Violets feet opened his cheeks to reveal straight black hair around his butthole and ass crack.

Violet: Turn around, let me see how turned on you are.

After her revery,Violet went to the cafe car. She was getting upset because the train kept a slow crawl of a pace. She went in to find a seat on one of the two benches that were facing each other from either side of the cafe car. She sat next to two women. One was wearing parachute pants, the kind that had twelve pockets and was reading the fifth diary of Anais Nin's, the one where she takes acid.

Violet asked them: Do you have any aspirin? Or maybe something a little stronger.

The women laughed at her request: Well I do have a bit of dope. Or maybe just some codeine aspirin. Does that sound appealing?

Violet replied: Hmmmmm. That might do the trick. Thank you very much. I am just nervous about this train ride. It's taken already nine hours and we are not even half way there.

One responded: Oh that's typical of this train, don't worry.

The train carried on its slow pace as rumors of a fire on the railroad tracks was circulated and the passengers were getting drunker in the cafe car.

An hour later the passengers were asked to deboard and wait near the tracks at a station for another train. The first train was slowly moving down the track at a snails pace. Violet was outside with her suitcase and the two women, were enjoying a pot smoke.

They offered it to Violet who said: Thank you, but no. I would start hallucinating I'm sure.

Violet saw another train rolling at top speed, she was sure it was going to crash into their slow one.

She cried out: That train is too fast! Its going to smack into the other train!

Violet's eyes welled open. The other women missed seeing what she was talking about when the train approached the other, because it simultaneously slowed down and switched tracks. Violet sighed. She was a whip in the courtroom but her nerves showed when out and about in the world. The women looked at her quizzically, since they only saw the train's safe arrival. All sorts of circus animals inside and outside of cages as well as taking up their own train cars, were transported and led to the new train. A little elephant, a succulent zebra, twenty foot eels glowing in the dark of a black tank on the side of a train. A green train with gold fish. A red train with orange and neon fish all over sized, swimming back through the water as the train moves forward, squid in two tone waters and an open-top train car of whales spouting fountains of diamond water in the lapis blue night.

The three women boarded the next train in a better mood after watching the animals and settled into an old train car with seats three across facing three across. They sat down bushed. It was now 11: 39pm.






eels, shawn spencer