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swann in cartoonland with exploding breakfast, yuri shimojo

Swann dreams about exploding breakfasts and fathers in cartoon land:

Swann sat on a short stone wall by a little sidewalk. She fell over into the stone where she entered a land where she was still a person but everything around her was a cartoon. She was walking through a suburban house until she got to the screen door. There was a kelly green lawn outside. Then she noticed a cartoon character father who was mowing the lawn. There was a chicken shaped kettle that was boiling over and exploding. Eggs were flying.

The bonsai poem

Spiraling Hiroki Cypress, Cedar, Juniper, Yelrova, Maple with vertical stripes on the trunk, Peeling bark to make it feel more weathered. Oak and Elm mini trees with flat tops for miniature horses to have a picnic on. Bonsai occur naturally in the mountains. It's not just a stunt.

Maralee: I had written a few books that did well. I had a husband at the time but was falling in love with my best girlfriend.

Violet: I remember visiting you two, and he showed me his Bonsai. He died,did his bonsai live?

Maralee: Yes. He was an expert topiary specialist. I used to tell him don't try to control me like your little trees. He grew lovely miniature trees, Bonsai. Always cutting them back. Peeling bark to make it feel more weathered, just like someone getting under your skin, making them feel more vulnerable, buttons pushed to reveal more information that makes you fee more vulnerable, adding to your feeling of helplessness. We grew spiraling Hiroki Cypress, which I still have in human form. Ha Ha.

Cypress: You tree lover. What other little trees, is that term pc? What other trees did you grow?

Maralee: Cedar, Juniper, Yelrova, Maple with vertical stripes on the trunk, We made a little tree house for our little pets. Oak and Elm mini trees with flat tops for the miniature horses to have a picnic on like in Go Dog Go.

Solvieg: I don't know what is this 'go dog go' you talk about?

Maralee: It's a childrens book with pictures of dogs, twelve of them sleeping in a very wide bed together. On another page they have an excellent party on top of a flat green treetop.

Solvieg: That sounds fun. On my recent trip to Japan I found that bonsai occur naturally in the mountains. The best miniatures grow on a mountainside, and is transplanted to someones garden. It's not just a stunt.

Violet: Ha a stunt. (The group laughs except Solvieg.)

Maralee: Ha, that is funny.

Solvieg: What ? Oh yeah a stunted growth, a stunt. Ha ha ha. my favorite tree is the white Birch, there is something sacred about them.

Swann finds her symptoms are she has violent fantasies. Lots of hostility and also vague vampire desires of drinking blood. She decides to go to the country side to help get the knots out of her heart. Then later she goes to a meditation retreat to help heal her soul and mind.