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Alexis Vaillant is an art historian and art critic. He has been working for MAMCO (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) in Geneva since '95. He is now based in Paris and has created Toasting Agency, a free-lance structure through which he curates and manages contemporary art projects ("Hair Styling", "L'auto-Ècole", "From Camouflage to Free Style", "Services" . . . ). He often contributes to Critique d'art, Kunst-Bulletin, and Inrocktibles. He is the editor of the writings of Philippe Thomas. Cecilia de Medeiros is an artist living and working in Cologne. 

Thomas Rayfiel' s book, Colony Girl, will be published by Farrar, Straus & Giroux this fall.

Adriaan van der Have (1958) is an Amsterdam gallery owner who keeps his Torch lit to a highlight, the curious, the glamorous, and the funky, you know just what's new and fabulous in the arts. Raphael von Uslar (1964) is a freelance curator, a publisher of multiples and minister in the Ministry of Public Works. He is based in Germany and Amsterdam.

Lisa Kereszi is a photographer who is currently pursuing her MFA in Photography at the Yale School of Art, who hails from the suburbs of Philadelphia, and who has been living in and working around New York for the past few years. 

Alex Gloor is a graphic blah artist (born 1963) who has lived in New York City since '84. He has designed blah logos for eightball Records, and Liquid Blah Sky's/Home Entertainment label, Selector and mixer of the legendary Smylonylon Blah Tapes (vol. 29 due to be released this month), and cofounder of Codek Records. 

Blah blah blah . . . www.codek.com


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